So why am I doing this blog thing anyway?

“Sometimes, Emma dresses like a techie, and other times, she dresses like a fairy princess.” (Overheard at work earlier this year)

This is a project where I try to tackle my relationship with elements of what I identify as “traditional femininity.”

There definitely want to be quotes around those words.

I’ve tried to talk myself into setting this up a couple times over the last few months. I’m not sure what’s finally pushed me over into decisiveness.

While I can’t identify a cause for decisiveness, I can definitely define my hesitation, which is largely in regard to the fact that I really don’t feel like much of an authority on anything that I’m planning to talk about. I mean, I certainly identify as feminist, but only insofar as not being feminist seems like a stupid state for an enlightened human being to occupy. I’m planning to touch on things like wedding planning (which I mainly enjoy because I like making lists and timetables) and hair (which I only know about because I have, like, a lot of it) and skin care (which I’ve only recently started exploring) and makeup (and oh man, I’ve had a rant about makeup building up for the last several years, but I also know that doesn’t make me any kind of expert).

And while I know that casual internet journalism doesn’t exactly require rigorous credentials, that still gives me pause. I want to say what I mean and not sound stupid. That’s sort of the bare minimum, right? And who even asked me what I think about this stuff anyway?

But I know I must want to do this, because my brain keeps bringing me back to this idea of writing about what I think about girl stuff, and I’m trying to learn to trust my brain when it tries to tell me things.

So, in this, the year (or now half a year) leading up to this exciting day when I (willingly, joyfully) put on a white dress and a princess tiara and contemplate what that all means as a 30-year-old woman in 2016, I’m going to take the plunge and put my thoughts down with some care, throw them at the internet, and see what sticks. I would love to continue the conversation in the comments section (I would love to have non-virtual conversations, too, although I’m generally less adept at them).

…I feel like I’m supposed to sign off with a quote from Hélène Cixous or something, but that’s definitely not happening.


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